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Beautiful Groß Plasten Castle is only a 10 minutes drive away from the climatic spa town Waren which lies on the north bank of Lake Mueritz, Germany's second biggest lake. Waren has got special sights, for example the Müritzeum. Germany's biggest aquarium with local fishes.


Even more sights in the surrounding small towns and villages invite you if you have interesting.

It is worth visiting the old castle Penzlin, which you will see the dugeons of bitches. Or Stavenhagen, the known city, because of its popular son Fritz Reuter.

The museum
has an extensive collection of Reuters manuscripts and documents of his time and a specialized library with about 15,000 volumes.

Or you visit Ankershagen with its beautiful Heinrich Schliemann-Museum. Purpose of this museum there, with its exhibitions, lectures and publications about his life and work of the discoverer of Troy, to appreciate its profits and heritage.


The Mueritz National Park, renowned for its countless lakes and extensive forests, is another nearby destination well worth a visit. Whether you prefer to watch the bounteousness of animals or birds - whether it is cycling, sailing, kayaking, rowing, hiking, golf or any other activity you like best - our castle is the perfect starting point for all your excursions.

For any other suggestions as well as planning and placement for some tours we will be happy to advise you!


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Other Activities:


  • Bicycle tours and walking-tours through the beautiful untouched nature
  • Paddle on the "Klein Plastener See"
  • Water sports and fishing
  • Lake tours
  • Sightseeing flight over the Müritz from the airport Vielist
  • Carriage rides through the National Park
  • Riding in Groß Varchow
  • Or visit our sister-hotel Schloss Klink

Have fun!